[Solved] How to disalbe the cairo-plugin

It turned out that disabling the Cairo plugin was quite easy (which may be useful in case Dia hangs when you try to print). Here's how I did it:

1. Start Dia

2. Go to the menu File->Plugins, a dialog shows up ("Plug-ins")

3. Scroll downn to the end and uncheck the checkbot on the right-most side
   ("Load at Start").

4. Re-start Dia.

Now printing works for me. The only side effect is that suddenly I get several white pages while printing, so for some reason the printing routines thinks it has to print some of the surrounding pages.

My workaround for this problem is to print to a PDF, and then view the PDF and only print the page of interest.

Btw, this last step is also a way to deal with a scaling error in Dia. If you draw a line on the paper that's supposed to be exactly 10 cm and print it directly, then it won't be 10 cm. However, if you first print to PDF, and then print the PDF, it works correctly.


Christian Ridderström                              Mobile: +46-8 768 39 44

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