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At 25.06.2009 19:37, avijit ghosh wrote:
I was thinking of making it more general so any custom shape can have this
property when you click the shape ..
For my current idea this is not generic enough ;) At least I would like to have it as generic property for all objects. See lib/prop_dict.c for first traces of that idea.

What I was hoping was to add an
ext_attribute flag which allows people to add the URL link to any custom
shape: To pick a probably totally wrong notation:

 <ext_attribute name="NCBIURL" description="NCBI Info"

These ext_attributes stuff should be considered deprecated. It has at least one unsolveable design flaw - see warning when compiling objects/custom.

If you guys come up w/ a syntax you don't object to, let me know and I'll
try and get this done..

The proposed data handling already is available. The only thing missing is an interface to edit the meta info dictionary - probably to be put in an additional tab of the standard properties dialog.

Additionally I was thinking of some entry in the context menu to follow links, maybe also implement internal links target ...

Patches accepted ;)

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