Re: hyperlinks

I was thinking of making it more general so any custom shape can have this
property when you click the shape .. What I was hoping was to add an
ext_attribute flag which allows people to add the URL link to any custom
shape: To pick a probably totally wrong notation:

 <ext_attribute name="NCBIURL" description="NCBI Info"

That would generate in the .dia
File that's got stuff like:

<dia:attribute name="custom:NCBIURL">

Or something ..

The reason this would be useful is now our custom shapes w/ custom data can
link to databases/websites and w/ the format above, it would be straight
forward to automatically generate the ext_attribute string .. Given the info
in the xml file.. 

If you guys come up w/ a syntax you don't object to, let me know and I'll
try and get this done..


On 6/25/09 1:14 PM, "Maciej Jaros" <egil wp pl> wrote:

avijit ghosh wrote:
This would be of *tremendous* use to us. At the very least an extension to
the shape modules such that a link field is there for custom objects. If
someone can point me in the proper direction, I'll try and code this up (or
try and con someone into coding this in for me :))

Hm... I think the easiest way would be to add some shape for witch you
would have two main properties - text and URL. The "text" property would
be shown as an underlined text and the URL could be fired when you hold
CTRL and click with a mouse. Editing properties could be similar as for
UML - Dependecy, but additionally there could be an option to show/hide

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