Re: font problems in Dia for Windows

On 2009-04-24 Steffen Macke wrote:

Could you check this again using Dia 0.97-pre3? Maybe some of your
problems are checked in the new version already.

Thank you for your advice.
Indeed, Dia 0.97-pre3 (for Windows) does not have the problem.
Moreover, it has the integrated toolbox, which I prefer more.
But the font size is now measured in pt, which required adjusting font
sizes in my diagrams.

I still don't know how to customize the fonts that Dia substitute for
the sans, serif and monospace fonts? (In Dia 0.97-pre3 for Windows it
seems that they are substituted with DejaVuSans, DejaVuSerif and
DejaVuSansMono, respectively.) Can that be done by settings in the
defaults.dia file?

I've tried to set up defaults for the text tool so that it uses sans
10.00 pt. After that the defaults.dia file contains the following
parameters :

    <dia:object type="Standard - Text" version="1" id="O0">
      <dia:attribute name="obj_pos">
        <dia:point val="0,0"/>
      <dia:attribute name="obj_bb">
        <dia:rectangle val="0,-0.2625;0,0.0675"/>
      <dia:attribute name="text">
        <dia:composite type="text">
          <dia:attribute name="string">
          <dia:attribute name="font">
            <dia:font family="sans" style="0" name="Helvetica"/>
          <dia:attribute name="height">
            <dia:real val="0.35277777983377007"/>
          <dia:attribute name="pos">
            <dia:point val="0,0"/>
          <dia:attribute name="color">
            <dia:color val="#000000"/>
          <dia:attribute name="alignment">
            <dia:enum val="0"/>
      <dia:attribute name="valign">
        <dia:enum val="3"/>

I've tried the following:
- replaced Helvetica with Tahoma in the above section of defaults.dia
- started Dia and created some text objects that use the sans font
- exported the diagram to a PDF file
The PDF still contains the DejaVuSans font, not the Tahoma font.

Moreover, after exiting Dia the defaults.dia file contains the
name="Helvetica" parameter again.

Is the defaults.dia file explained somewhere?

-- rpr. /Robert PremuÅ/

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