font problems in Dia for Windows


Recently I started using Dia v. 0.96.1 (downloaded from on a MS Windows XP Pro. SP3.

I noticed some problems that I could not find explained in the list
archive: when I print a Dia file on a PS printer (HP LaserJet 4100) or
export it to a PDF file (Cairo PDF), the textual parts of diagrams
don't look the same as in Dia (i.e. the WYSIWYG feature is not

The printed text is narrower than the text in Dia. If the text is
centered in Dia then the printed text is shifted on the left.
It seems that the real text width is not calculated properly.

Also some fonts set in Dia are substituted with other fonts when
printed. E.g. the serif font in Dia (that actually looks like Times
New Roman) is printed as sans (actually Arial). The same happens with
the monospace font. On the other hand the Garamond and Verdana fonts
are printed fine. Why is that?

I've created a test file that demonstrates the problem:
Dia_test1.dia - Dia document
Dia_test1_exported.pdf - exported to Cairo PDF from Dia
Dia_test1_exported.png - exported to PNG from Dia
Dia_test1_printed.pdf - printed to PDF (see more below)
The files zipped can be downloaded from

(For printing to PDF I used the PDFCreator ver. 0.9.7 with GPL
Ghostscript 8.63. In the Advanced Options of the PDFCreator I enabled
the "Download as Softfont" option for printing True Type fonts.)

Regarding the fonts in Dia I have another question: is it possible to
configure the fonts (available on the current system) that Dia
substitute for the sans, serif and monospace fonts? I my case the sans
is substituted with Arial, which I don't find suitable for technical
writings because capital letter I and small letter L look the same in
that font.

-- rpr. /Robert PremuÅ/

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