Re: Stretching grouped objects

On 10-01-2008, 1:23 Michael Ross wrote:

On Jan 9, 2008 4:15 PM, Maciej Jaros <egil wp pl> wrote:

On 9-01-2008, 20:13 Todd Marshall wrote:
Then why is it called SVG? (Scalable VG)
I'd guess each object is only scalable to itself, not to other objects?

It is called scalable because you can scale the picture without loosing
Within Dia I don't know the method to scale a group or any other
object.  I do know how to scale the grid and page setup, but not 
individual entities or
groups of entities.  There is no tool called "Scale."

But you can also do what you wrote about - you can group any

objects also those already grouped and transform them with a transform
matrix - this includes scaling, stretching and such.
In Dia? How?

You were talking about SVG and DIA isn't SVG and it doesn't support SVG 
in shapes fully (as said by Marcel in the other topic).

But in DIA you can scale most shapes so you might say DIA also supports 
scaling grouped SVG objects - unfortunately that isn't available for 
grouped shape objects within DIA itself.

BTW - transforming grouped objects _is_ available in Inkscape.
Yes, as a matrix.  In GIMP you have the grid which you can grab and drag 
for a very useful analo input method.

Maybe this is also in Inkscape, but I haven't run into it yet.

Just select some objects or grouped objects (with the select tool) and 
stretch them as you wish.


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