Re: Patch for Delete key behavior (for dia-0.96.1) - save/load accels

On Sat, 2007-09-29 at 23:27 +0200, Ondrej Mikle wrote:
Lars Clausen wrote:

Then why did the unpatched version work for me?  Different version of

No, as I wrote before, I didn't get right the syntax of menurc file the
first time (since it is not documented anywhere, thought that leading
semicolon was a part of syntax).

Ok, I misunderstood you then.

So the accel loading/saving was correct, it would just need an entry in
FAQ about editing the menurc file (the syntax and an example). Sorry
about the confusion ;-) I'd update the FAQ, but I couldn't find the file
in the svn repository or anywhere among the sources.

Lars: I knew where it was on the web, just not how to edit it. 

If you create an account on and log in, you can see edit

Let's do
it this way: since you're the maintainer of the FAQ, I'd suggest you'd
replace the answer to "1.2.4. How can I set or change an accelerator key
for a function in the menu?" with the following:

It be done.  Thanks for looking into it.


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