Re: Patch for Delete key behavior (for dia-0.96.1)

Dnia 26-09-2007 o godz. 17:22 Michael Ross napisał(a):
I would like to use the Esc key to activate the Modify functionIs that possible?

Also, Alt-E does not work for Ellipse (I could use Ctrl-C), and Alt-T does not work for Text (Shift-T would be OK since Ctrl-T is taken).

Alternately, you could teach a man to fish instead of merely giving him oneBut that would mean documentation, gods forbid.

That's exactly what I ment. I tried looking for this info and spend few days until I found it and figured out the semicolon thingy (I didn't thought it was a comment).

I wanted to add this info somewhere, but haven't found a way. Maybe I was to lazy to find and subscribe to this list ;P.

BTW I'm glad that shortcut changing info was added.


Intelektualna uczta dla doświadczonych menedżerów i nie tylko.

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