Re: Bug 455400

On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 09:19:53AM -0700, Mark Dexter wrote:
Thomas / Lars: I'm trying to create a PDF file on my cygwin system. I think
I have installed all of the prerequisites except that I cannot find "jw" for
cygwin. I think jw is in docbook-utils pacakge, but I can't
find docbook-utils for cygwin. I'll go ahead and post my DIFF and ZIP
files later today. I would like to create a PDF file to upload as well. Any
help appreciated. Thanks. Mark

I just filled a bug on French doc, introducing the use of another tool:

Note dblatex uses python or perl (I can't remain) and pdflatex.

In case you were not able to compile the pdf file, feel free to send me
an email. I will send you back the pdf.
Thomas Harding

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