Re: git [was: Bug 455400]

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 10:43:32AM +0530, Sameer Sahasrabuddhe wrote:
Hi, I have been following this thread and from what I understand,
there are two people working on documentation. You are trying to keep
sync with each other's patches because they have not been merged into
the dia SVN repository yet. All this would have been easy if dia was
in a distributed system like git or darcs, where people can directly
send patches to each other without waiting to commit to the main

That's it

git-svn actually allows you to maintain your own stuff in git, and
still work with the main SVN repository. Would you consider using
git-svn? I am aware the learning curve involved is pretty steep, and
your focus is on getting documentation done, and not wade through
software manuals. But do take a look and if you think its worth the
trouble, you could try it out.

Currently, all my work on the patch is done, so I will take a look on
that later :)

Thomas Harding

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