Re: win32 dia with python

Steffen Macke wrote:

I've used Python 2.2.3 from to compile. It was installed
in the default location (c:\Python22)


Further to 2.2.3, is there a reason you have stayed with that version of Python?

I started with 2.3.x and have recently (and painlessly) been using 2.4.x and looking forward to 2.5.x. I would be surprised if anything broke in dia.pyd if you advanced to 2.4 or even 2.5. Version 2.5 RC2 is solid and looks like getting the tick real soon now. It will be the last Python until version 3 is released. There won't be any more new features in 2.5, just bug fix point releases.

Version 3 will break backwards compatibility so 2.5 will probably have a long life. That means you might need to support two Pythons almost indefinitely once v3 hits the street. I have no doubt Python has a bright and lengthy future.

The reason I like Dia is that it promises (via the Python plugin) to let me convert UML diagrams into Python source. I'm thinking that's some sort of holy grail :)


The problem is that I used the current CVS HEAD of dia to compile.
Looks like I have to go back to 0.95-1. I hope I'll manage this later


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