Re: win32 dia with python

At 19.09.2006 11:03, Mike Dewhirst wrote:
Steffen Macke wrote:

I've used Python 2.2.3 from to compile. It was installed
in the default location (c:\Python22)

The placement of Python does not matter, Python can deduce it's placement
from the registry - if only the right python2x.dll is found.


Further to 2.2.3, is there a reason you have stayed with that version of Python?

I started with 2.3.x and have recently (and painlessly)
AFAIK the last Python version officially build with msvc6
(linked to msvcrt.dll) was Python 2.3 ...

been using 2.4.x and looking forward to 2.5.x. I would be surprised if anything broke in dia.pyd if you advanced to 2.4 or even 2.5.
... and I am not suprised but instead *know* there are problems with Python 2.4 and 2.5 almost certainly caused by the C-runtime mix. Not at compile time but at runtime.

I've just tested with python25 and the problem is (as expected) still there. But even when building python25 with vc6 there are problems. Like the one mentioned in the Porting to Python 2.5 guide: mixing allocators for PyObject_* and PyMem_*() does not work anymore, see

The reason I like Dia is that it promises (via the Python plugin) to let me convert UML diagrams into Python source. I'm thinking that's some sort of holy grail :) ?

At 18.09.2006 03:45, Mike Dewhirst wrote:
Has anybody got Dia with Python support working in Windows?
Yes, most of the newer stuff is even developed on win32.


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