Re: Graphical question

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 13:44 -0600, Jim Clark wrote:
In the charts I am making that I mentioned previously (and 0.95 still
has funky Windows font issues) I have decided to color code my boxes,
based upon who performs the task listed. This will work well, with one
exception. I have a series of boxes about things that are done in
conjunction with the customer. The system admin (blue box) performs
the task, the customer (red box) works with the sys admin. I wonder if
there is some way to have (for instance) diagonal colored stripes
going through the box,rather than a monochromatic background, showing
that this box is a team effort.

No, Dia does not offer any kind of patterned fill yet, I'm afraid.  It
may not be an overly complex task to add it, but there'd be a lot of
footwork to it.


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