Re: 0.95-pre1 uploaded


 >You are recommending to install gtk+-2.8.x. Does this mean you have
*built* Dia against gtk+-2.8 ?

No, build against GTK+ 2.6.8. I saw Tor's recommendation to build
against GTK+ 2.6,
but I wasn't fully aware about the implications :-) Hans, maybe it's
good if you keep
the mailing list updated what the recommended GTK+ versions are on win32 as
you're much more into the GTK+ development. I don't have the time to follow that
in detail.

It would be preferable to have just one thing to install, but is it
practical/feasible to do that?

I tend to disagree, see above.

I think the separate GTK+ installer makes packaging much easier.
More popular packages like GIMP and GAIM use it for a long time.
If the split packaging results in more problem reports, we can switch back to
the old approach.



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