Re: layers order at opening

On Tue, 2006-08-22 at 22:52 +0200, Pascal Ronecker wrote:

once again, a dumb beginner question, and nothing of importance.

I added a layer in a diag, in order to place some nifty "backgrounds" 
colors on a layer, and the real objects on a separate layer. so far so good.

Except : I'd like that anytime I open that .dia file, the objetcs layer 
come selected.
If I add a new layer and put the backgrouds there : the new layer is 
selected at first.
I exchanged all : still the backgrounds come first.

I added another new layer : this time the new layer does not come "on 
top" at the opening.

To make a long story short : how can I choose the layer that will be 
selected when I open the file.

You can't at the moment, just like you can't save which objects are
selected.  It might get incorporated once we get to saving view
information, as it's editing-oriented rather than diagram-oriented.


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