Re: A small annoyance regarding 'paste'

On Sun, 2006-08-27 at 08:57 +0200, GrÃgoire Dooms wrote:
I second you on this annoyance.

Yet another solution is to paste the object at the exact same 
coordinates of the copied object (in particular when pasting in another 
diagram).   This is done for instance in ooffice presenter and is very 
efficient to produce animated sequences of slides.

To produce these animated sequences in dia one option is to use multiple 
layers and export only a subset thereof. But in some cases it simply 
seems more convenient to use several diagrams. copy/paste preserving 
position would help.

Another use of copy/paste preserving position is the ctrl-  modifier for 
the move tool: move vert/horiz. If copy/paste pastes in place, it is 
easy to create aligned copies of elements without the need for the align 
tool (by the way, is there any documented logic about which elements 
move when aligning ?).

An interesting point about the first poster's advanced idea is that it
could incorporate your idea about placing on top.

The problem with placing exactly on top is that you get no feedback
about the paste happening.  The current CVS has an offset from the
previous paste of the same object, so it's got feedback at least.


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