Re: [Fwd: export to PNG : txt size]

On Mon, 2006-08-21 at 21:36 +0200, Pascal Ronecker wrote:
[sorry if this message comes twice, had a problem it seems]

Hi (again)

i'm using Dia both on windows and linux.

I export the diagrams as .png images to distribute them to other people
who do not have dia (and anyway who are not supposed to modify them)

For a given .dia file, the text size when exported on windows is always
bigger than on linux.
Is there a way to control/corect that phenomen ?

(because it always have me correct something when passing from one OS to
the other. Boring ...)

It is caused by the two systems using slightly different ways of scaling
the fonts, or different implementations of the fonts.  It will not be
fixed until we have a way to store the size each string is supposed to
be rendered at.


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