UML fixed line width - coloured stencils


In May last year, I used Dia to draw UML diagrams for my master thesis. Everything went fine, except for the ugly, thick, bold lines which constituted my UML-drawings. I couldn't change the size as was possible for ordinary rectangles, so I had to cope with them.

A few months later, I converted my Mandrake 9.0-box into a Slackware 10.0-castle. I subsequently downloaded Dia 0.94 to check if my old problems were still there, and found myself unfortunate in this matter. UML-objects still had a fixed width.

Today, I looked at Dia's mailing list and found out that the last mail about this subject dated from July 2004, but lacking a feasible solution (the #define-hack is not that user-friendly). So, my question is whether something has been done about it in the meantime (in CVS that is)?

Another question: are the stencils limited to black-white images, or are colored ones possible?

Kind regards,

Bram Adams

PS: I'm not subscribed to the mailing list, so could you cc me?

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