Re: Objects properties - Python console

Daniel de Almeida sagde:
Lars Clausen wrote:

The UML properties are currently hardcoded in C in a *very* hacky way
should certainly not be emulated.  I don't think the Python plugin can
handle adding similar things.  Which exact properties are you looking

I have to use Dia for an electronical project.
I'd like to create new shapes with specific properties.
For example, I'd like to set in the properties of an adder how many bits
adder will manipulate.
So I'm looking for the best way to create a dialog-properties where I
could set
some basic information.
My first idea was to use python plugin (that's what my professor said) to
new properties. But if it's possible to implement this in C maybe it would
So if someone has some information to help... I'm quite blocked for the

For such simple properties, the shape format has the ability to allow
extra attributes using the ext_attributes tag.  See the Circuit -
hresistor shape for an example.


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