Re: UML class boxes different size in unix and windows

At 15:49 03.02.04 +0100, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Tue, Feb 03, 2004, à 02:31:40PM +0000, Joseph Carter a écrit:
Hi All,

We produced a UML diagram on the unix version of Dia (Solaris 8)
which we then viewed in on a windows 2k box. Alas the class diagrams
were shown at a different size and ended up overlaying one another.

Has anyone else experienced this? Got a solution?

We've had problems with the fonts on the Solaris box before, so perhaps
this could be related.

Yes. Dia doesn't use the same font rendering engine under *nix and under
Win32. I gather this is being resolved in the CVS version (Lars, Hans,
kick and scream if I'm wrong).

Even the same font engines will produce different font sizes (better
text length) if the actual fonts are different. 
And my current impression comparing both font engines now availale on
windoze is that there are only marginal differences between their 
The size e.g. when exporting through both available PNG exporters 
seem to be exactly the same (even the default image size are the 
same) and there is just a difference in antialiasing.

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