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At 08:51 03.02.04 -0600, Lars Clausen wrote:
From: "Luc Cessieux" <cessieux hotmail com>
How i can make a plug-in with Python?

The Dia TWiki has a bit of info on that, the rest I'll leave up to Hans and
the code examples that come with Dia.

The probably best description (beside the TWiki, the .py files in
dia/plug-ins/python and the respective c sources) is the ChangeLog.
At least I try to describe there what can be done with features
added. [Usual new features are added because I want to realize
something in Python rather tahn in C.]

But to the point. Implementing Objects in PyDia currently isn't
possible and isn't really planned and quite some amount of work.

There are three major task to make it possible :
 - Wrapping the 'opposite' renderer API, i.e. object need to use
   the renderer interface. There currently is only the possibility
   to implement a renderer in Python (require to do export filters).
   Also all complex parameters need to be convertable from Python
   to C, bezier and the like. 
 - Implement the delegation to Object (see dia/lib/object.h) which
   is done in Python. Probably even more from the class hierachy
   need to be wrapped/interfaced as well (Element, OrthConn, ...)
 - The rest, i.e. registration, serialization and everything I've 
   forgotten ;-)



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