Re: Security plugin and layer problems

From: "Luc Cessieux" <cessieux hotmail com>

Hello, I would like to do a plug-in to DIA: SISSI (Sh\x{00E9}matisation
informelle de la s\x{00E9}curit\x{00E9} d'un syst\x{00E8}me
d'information).  I made this plug-in to VISIO and i would like to
translate to DIA.  Object is: to draw the information system security.

But i would like to link 2 objects in 2 differents layers with line tool.
An would like associate in object properties the layer.

That cannot currently be done, each layer is an independent entity.
However, I haven't found anything that makes that a requirement, and we
could extend the layers dialog with selecting the 'active' layers
(i.e. those that can be connected to) like we select visible layers.
Wouldn't be too hard a project, if somebody wants to see the internals of
Dia (don't worry, they're quite pretty:)  I can't work on that yet, as I
have yet to get my home box up (fscking hardware!)

How i can make a plug-in with Python?

The Dia TWiki has a bit of info on that, the rest I'll leave up to Hans and
the code examples that come with Dia.


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