Re: Re[2]: Modifying properties of several objects at the same time

On 26 Oct 2003, Alan G. Isaac wrote:
I have not been following this conversation closely,
and I have been working mostly with an older Dia,
so my comments may be redundant.  If not...

To change the properties of multiple objects in
a diagram, I like to be able to associate a style
with them.  The style defintion should be local
to the diagram.  Each object can then be associated
with a list of styles, which should cascade like
CSS style sheets do.  In the long run, I think any
other approach proves awkward.

No, that idea hasn't been mentioned before.  It's an interesting idea, and
potentially highly useful.  Simply mark a set of property settings as a
named style, and have an easy way to pick a style.  Allows for more of a
'logical' handling of properties.

It's probably not something we'd want to do until after 1.0, though.  There
are more basic things that must be done first (like, oh, the text stuff).


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