Re: Modifying properties of several objects at the same time

Lars Clausen ÐÐÑÐÑ:
On 26 Oct 2003, Alan G. Isaac wrote:

I have not been following this conversation closely,
and I have been working mostly with an older Dia,
so my comments may be redundant.  If not...

To change the properties of multiple objects in
a diagram, I like to be able to associate a style
with them.  The style defintion should be local
to the diagram.  Each object can then be associated
with a list of styles, which should cascade like
CSS style sheets do.  In the long run, I think any
other approach proves awkward.

No, that idea hasn't been mentioned before.  It's an interesting idea, and
potentially highly useful.  Simply mark a set of property settings as a
named style, and have an easy way to pick a style.  Allows for more of a
'logical' handling of properties.

It's probably not something we'd want to do until after 1.0, though.  There
are more basic things that must be done first (like, oh, the text stuff).

It's really a nice idea. But there is another related thing that could be improved - currently the Properties dialog doesn't understand switching to other objects from a previously selected one. May be the new solution suggested by Alan could help here too.


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