Re: Dia Issue

Le Thu, Oct 23, 2003, Ã 10:58:49PM +0100, gareth foster a Ãcrit:
Ok, here is the problem, Dia looks very nice, but the RPM provided by
DAG (a major provider of RPMs for Redhat systems) is not behaving
correctly. He is aware of the problem, and does not know why it exists.

Is DAG installing into /usr ? If not, he needs to configure with the
right --prefix. Also, he complains that is not shipped, AFAIR
it's inexact, it is in the app/ directory (but it's not installed, as
it's normally a development tool only)

One thing you could do if it still fails is to strace dia, and then grep
the strace output for "open" and the like -- and see what it tries to do
and where.

        -- Cyrille
FRA: 61-18(FIJ) 51-29(JPN)

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