Dia Issue

Ok, here is the problem, Dia looks very nice, but the RPM provided by
DAG (a major provider of RPMs for Redhat systems) is not behaving
correctly. He is aware of the problem, and does not know why it exists.

You can see the text of the (short) discussion we had which explains the

If one of the developers could help DAG to build a working RPM that
would be fantastic.

thank you. 

On 23 Oct 2003, gareth foster wrote:

first let me say that your RPMs kick arse, and i use your apt-get
all the time.

however, i tried to run dia recently, and it bombs out with this:

warning: failed to load external entity
Couldn't find standard objects when looking for object-libs,

any idea what is going on there? im not going to try to guess at what
going on, you obviously know 10 times more than me about packaging

Yes, I have the same problem. It is described in the FAQ but I don't 
understand what is said there as I'm doing the normal build procedure.

I didn't have the time to confront the developers with this, but if you 
could that would be nice. Otherwise I'll see if I have the time in the 
weekend to get to the bottom of this. It seemed as if there was
wrong with my system.

Thanks for the feedback,
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