more info from DAG

Let me also add what I've tried. You can see my buildlogs at:

The FAQ says I'm running dia but I didn't install it properly, the log 
will show you otherwise. The FAQ also says to look into, but 
the script is not shipped with dia 0.92. So I found it in older releases
and set the different variables as the script does:

        [root lisse SPECS]# export
        [root lisse SPECS]# export
        [root lisse SPECS]# export DIA_SHAPE_PATH="/usr/lib/dia/shapes/"
        [root lisse SPECS]# export
        [root lisse SPECS]# export DIA_SHEET_PATH="/usr/lib/dia/sheets/"
        [root lisse SPECS]# dia
        warning: failed to load external entity "NULL"
        Couldn't find standard objects when looking for object-libs,

But none of this actually works.

Thanks in advance,
--   dag wieers,  dag wieers com,   --
[Any errors in spelling, tact or fact are transmission errors]

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