Re: Logic Gates in SVG format for Dia

Le Thu, Nov 27, 2003, Ã 04:03:11PM -0600, Lars Clausen a Ãcrit:
Actually, it hasn't been the fonts for a while now.  Sure, they'd look
funny rotated, but I've had text rotation code lying around for a while.
It's internals (how to best represent rotations, eps. given things like
rotated groups), and externals, how to make a good GUI for it.

Yes, but the code you have is 100% client-side isn't it? We already have
a complaint or two about the speed of rendering text...

By the way another nice thing everybody but X has, and Cairo will give
us, is an alpha channel. Yes, Venn diagrams.

I will look forward to that, but I wouldn't want to tie Dia to it for a while.

Well, the client side of Cairo is supposed to run regardless of what
implements $DISPLAY. And for sure, it would be foolish to wed ourselves
to it before it's reasonably ready.

        -- Cyrille

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