Re: Logic Gates in SVG format for Dia

I see the fault in the fact that we don't have rotation and flipping as a
general thing for all shapes.  It's not something the shape itself really
should have to worry about, it's something that should be at toolbox
level.  I'm thinking by now that the best way is to have a
rotate/flip/scale mode that is separate from the 'normal' modify mode.  I
don't think some in-diagram handles for rotation would work well, the
objects would just be overloaded with handles.

Agreed. And most of it ultimately stems from the Core X font handling.
Keith P. and friends are now addressing that. I'd wager that in 3-6
months, a Cairo renderer should be something realistic (either that, or
GTK will simply wrap Cairo for us, which would actually be better: on
Win32, it should be a no brainer given that GDI has had this capability
for, what, 10 years now? (I'm talking about NT 3.1's GDI, 16-bit windows
GDI was a little bit too short). 
Remember my old Display Postscript renderer? I had a quick look at
Cairo's interface. This will be much, much easier (and our code is
cleaner nowadays that it was when I did my DPS experiment).

By the way another nice thing everybody but X has, and Cairo will give
us, is an alpha channel. Yes, Venn diagrams.

I have a fairly strong theory that that's not possible without either
crippling the objects fatally or making the SVG markup generic beyond
usability.  But we've discussed that.

Right. Let proponents show code.

        -- Cyrille


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