Re: HIG and Escape

On 10 Mar 2003 22:22:56 -0800, dialist <pvspam-dialist hacklab net> wrote:

I know this is tangential to the debate at hand, but whenever I see
"dialogue box" and "ABCxDEF" in the same paragraph, I cringe. I don't
think a dialogue box should ever have a certain X by Y size, but should
somehow size itself depending on how big the controls inside it are.

I agree 100%.  I was using shorthand.  The GTK is designed in much the way
you describe, in exactly the way another (un)popular windowing system is
not.  GTK dialogs are nested containers whose arrangement is suggested at
compile time and determined at runtime.  

In any GTK app, choose File->Open.  Grab a corner and yank.  If you been a
Redmondologist for too long, you will just ooh and ahh.  


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