Re: HIG and Escape

Of course, it's possible to crowd too many options on a single dialog,
too, making it hard to digest.   Good layout and the rule of seven will
keep you in bounds most of the time.  I have yet to see a dialog bigger
than 640x480 pixels that shouldn't also have been broken up or

Pet peeve of mine: Dialogue box is hard-coded to ABCxDEF size and can't
be sized larger. My fonts are bigger than standard fonts, and thus
controls go off the right/bottom of the dialogue. If I can't resize it,
I can't use it.

I know this is tangential to the debate at hand, but whenever I see
"dialogue box" and "ABCxDEF" in the same paragraph, I cringe. I don't
think a dialogue box should ever have a certain X by Y size, but should
somehow size itself depending on how big the controls inside it are.

Tim Ellis
Senior Database Architect
author, tedia2sql (

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