On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, John Edstrom wrote:
Right now I'm building automatons which can get pretty complex.
Layout is my main concern, more than rendering or manipulation.  I use
the perl Graph::Directed module which, happily enough, writes xml
and/or 'dot' files ( from the graphviz package).  With the right
arguments dot will figure out a reasonably well-balanced layout for
the digraph and dump the coordinates of the nodes and edges.  I figure
it shouldn't be too difficult to convert or rescale the dot-calculated
coordinates into dia coordinates which would give me a better renderer
of the same graph.  If that's the case then my strategy is to convert
from dot >>-> ( xml | xsl ) >>-> dia.xml.

I've been looking a tiny bit at reading annotated dot files.  That'd be
quite useful indeed.


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