On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, John Edstrom wrote:

I'm new to Dia.  I like that it's output is ( can be ) in xml.  What
I'm wondering is, is there a DTD or a fairly detailed description of
the elements, their allowed attributes, how namespaces are used, etc.?
I didn't see such a document while I was poking around on the site &
the twiki XML topic is unbegun.

The DTD is in the doc directory of the tarball.  I don't think we have a
more detailed description around.

I'm thinking of spitting out some data as digraphs.  I looked at the
xml output from simple graphs and think that I can figure it all out,
but I'd rather spare myself the learning experience.

Have you looked at the various programs available in the Links section of
the webpage?


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