Canvas [rampant gnome-canvas forking (fwd)]

There is a discussion just started on the desktop devel list about the
future of Gnome Canvas.

I wanted to make you aware of it as I thought it might be of interest and
that a few of the devlopers here would have an expert opinion on the

Hopefully this could result in less maintainance work in the long run.

Desktop Devel list archive for October

I dont like crossposting so i have sent this to only two lists, feel free
to pass it on to other you think might be interested and able to give
their expert opinion.

I would like to say something insightful about software development, the
Mythical Man month and the difficulty of trying to comminucate information
in large projects but i cannot find the words ...

Alan Horkan

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Date: 12 Oct 2002 00:14:47 +0200
From: Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>
To: desktop-devel-list gnome org
Subject: rampant gnome-canvas forking

Hi people,
I just noticed that Lauris has put a copy of the gnome-canvas into
Sodipodi and started working on it there. Alex has his foocanvas . Dia
has diacanvas and there is also a diacanvas2. There is also something
called gtkcanvas I seem to remember.

Since 'everyone' forking the canvas is that a hint that we maybe should
replace it with one of these forks, since the original one isn't
pleasing anyone? Not sure if we can deprecate anything for 2.2, but if
we can maybe the original canvas is it and maybe something like
diacanvas2 should be the new official canvas?


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