Re: Printing and weird (non-latin0 ;-) ) charsets -- summary

On 29 May 2002, Lars Clausen wrote:

The freetype font selection widget contains a small hack that I stole from
Dillo, which allows menus to scroll.  Easily adaptable for the GDK font
menu (though not going in for .90, I guess).


Thank you. I have adapted the hack for the GDK font
menu. I don't understand the gtk functions but the
hack seems to work. I added some delay to slow down
the scrolling speed (using the usleep function, which
may not be available on some systems).

The hack is attached here for those who may want to
use this feature before an official fix is released.

I'm quite satisfied with the current state
of Dia. The only unpleasant issue now is
the delay when opening a Chinese font
(10 seconds on a 800MHz PIII), but I think
this problem is in XFree86, not in dia.

I'm waiting for the release of 0.91, which is
supposed to support everything I need to draw
diagrams in simplified Chinese and export them
to PS.

Thanks to all developers for their excellent work.



Attachment: dia-0.90.RC2-fontlistscroll-hack.patch
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