Re: Another XSLT Plugin / Makefile problem?

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Thu, Jun 27, 2002, à 12:10:35PM +0100, Andrew Ferrier a écrit:

OK. Have to admit I was being a bit selfish in that I have yet
to run 'make dist' successfully --- just wanted to see what it
did! Maybe I should figure out how to check out 0.90 Gold from
anon. CVS...

Something like
      cvs co -r DIA_0_90 dia  

That said, yes, if nobody ever runs it, problems won't get

That's very true. It is valuable to know that there are "make dist"
problems; however, it is important as well to know that the problem is in
the dist part of the makefiles, as opposed to the simple "build" part.

I noticed mat's comment on automake1.5; also, I noticed that sid includes
automake1.5 and automake 1.6. 

Lars: we have to decide something:
      - we figure out how the old app/ did to have a
      conditional gnome-print renderer without tripping up "make dist"

This is what we want.  AFAIR, we need to define XSLT_LIBS, XSLT_PLUGIN etc
depending on the --enable. 


      - we include libxslt unconditionally

Not good.  We would at least want to stabilize the plugin and see if it's
something that many people want.  

      - we mandate automake 1.5 or more.

Not until those 'issues' are sorted out.

Funny thing is, I got that error message on both my machines when the XSLT
plugin arrived without using make dist, but I just did a second make and it
was happy.  I am using automake 1.4.


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