Re: Font selection -- a solution

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

acrnoyms confuse the crap out of me and it would have thought you meant
Least Recently Used execpt that does not make sense in this context.

Sure does, and that is correct.  Though it's kind of an inverted sense:  We
pick entries to throw away by least recently used.

I am used to seeing MRU for "most recently used", and i just thought i
would point this out and hope that there is a comment in the code to make
it clear to others who are easily confused.

We shall surely comment.

What is am trying to say is that faced by an unknown acronym i think
people will geuss the right answer for MRU more often than the will LRU.

LRU is a well known cache replacement scheme, and this menu is in essence a
cache.  A cache of no fixed limit, though.

I try not to be pedantic and i know it is a trivial detail, i am not
nitpicking but i was seriously confused by this whole thread because of
it and i hope you will consider what would give the most clear and most
maintainable code. (Being in touch with my inner idiot is what helps me
to test software and evaluate usuability.)

Yay inner idiot! :)


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