Re: Font selection -- a solution

At 22:50 25.06.02 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Hans Breuer wrote:
Three words: fine with me!

It is committed!  And a sweet thing it is.  I even figured out how to make
the stupid little dots in the menu move correctly.

I'm eager to look at it this evening :-)

A small addition though: the Last Recently Used listed should 
be updated by selecting/displaying different objects with
different fonts, too. That is: 
- you are able to always show the current font of the object 
  as pre-selection of the font option menu [new fonts not only
  go into the LRU list by the Font Selector, but also by
  selecting an object (and displaying it's properties), which uses
  a font not before in the list]

I have made a small addition to do this, but now I get Courier New into the
list automatically.  Have to figure that out.

What I thought was : add a method to the OptionMenu class, which
add an entry with LRU-ness, i.e. always makes it the last recent used
and if it wasn't there already, adds it to the selections. 
This method than should be called not only when updating from
'Details ...' but also when initializing the menu widget from
an object when displaying the properties dialog.

BTW: Lars, could you please comment on your font api breakage 
stuff complained about in my previous mail:

Or even better: revert it.

You are right, it should be reverted.  Both solutions are icky, but your
way gives a cleaner API.  I hope it doesn't come back to bite us.

I hope this too. We should probably add a little more comment,
what it would cost us if we change it. Not doing direct maniplutation 
with enum values shouldn't be too restrictive though.

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