Re: RE: Cisco icons for Dia

Le Tue, Jun 25, 2002, à 05:13:42PM +0200, Cyrille Chepelov a écrit:
Sans, Serif and Monotype. These are cross-platform aliases.

(I forgot to mention that this is effective only since this week-end's CVS)

For boldness, I don't know. Will look up this evening.

Done; we should honour the 

                Value:   normal | italic | oblique | inherit
                Initial:   normal


                Value:   normal | bold | bolder | lighter | 100 | 200 | 300
                        | 400 | 500 | 600 | 700 | 800 | 900 | inherit
                Initial:   normal

properties, but currently we don't. I will fix that this evening (we will
probably still ignore font-stretch and font-variant attributes). This
requires action in objects/custom/shape_info.c and in
plug-ins/renderers/shape/shape-export.c and
plug-ins/renderer/svg/renderer_svg.c (though these don't export font
attributes at all for the moment...)

(Fortunately, until now no shape has tried to use the old way of specifying
boldness or style, which was by requesting a family like "$family-Bold")

        -- Cyrille



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