Re: Conversion from CVS snapshot to released tarball?

On 2002-06-25 at 19:15 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

It seems you junk and non-junk addresses are going to be
pretty much the same shortly... Aaah, the wonders of

Yeah, I subscribe to dia-list under andrew.junk, but may change
this --- my role in Pine defaults to andrew, and the mailing
list rejects that --- causes grief to whoever is mailing list
admin no doubt. So must think of a way round it.

The released tarball (not the snapshots) is built by running
"make dist". This does involve pretty heavily automake.


Currently, AUTHORS is only an EXTRA_DIST file; which means
"dead weight 'make dist' has to carry over for building a
tarball, but that's it".

Right. I presume 'make install' from the tarball version will
install AUTHORS (haven't tested this, will do in a second).

I've just got an idea: why not decide that the C structure is
the "authoritative" one, and add a flag --credits, which
would simply print them (roughly with the same format as the
current AUTHORS file). We would then build AUTHORS from the
dia binary rather than the other way around...

(with a small dependency like

AUTHORS: app/dia app/ app/commands.c
      app/ --credits > AUTHORS

) This would also nicely take care of the Win32 "problem".

Sounds nifty. OK, will look into doing this then --- try and
develop a patch for it.

Thanks for all the explanation. Sorry, really should probably
sit down and read automake/autoconf documentation sometime
soon, as only have a hazy understanding of how it all works.
Can anyone recommend a good introductory document?


Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew junk new-destiny co uk

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