RE: Cisco icons for Dia

Ian Redfern wrote:
would also be much simpler if I could put text in shape 
files, although
I admit that cross-platform font issues would make this impractical.

It is possible to put text in shape files. I may even have be caught saying
you can't, but when I looked into it, it is possible. As you say, there may
be cross-platform issues.

Anyway, here's how to do it:

To place text in a shape, use the svg:text element. It has the folowing
style attributes which may be set:
text-anchor: start or end
The text is then placed in the svg:text element. For example
<svg:text x="0" y="0" style="text-anchor:start;">Test</svg:text>
will place the text Test starting at (0,0).

I note that this feature was added on 2001-05-18 but is completely
undocumented (excluding ChangeLog and objects/custom/test.xml). I will
submit a bug regarding the lack of doco (#86402). I should write the doco...


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