Re: Getting rid of old home-grown FontSelector

At 16:57 24.06.02 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Hans Breuer wrote:
After fidling half the last night in widgets.c to make our home-grown
FontSelector work with the recent DiaFont changes I've given up.

I am thinking now that making style 0 be normal obliquity/normal weight was
a really bad decision.  It's better to have a linear scale for them all.
(Argh!  Another change in font.h!). 
Do you want it to be like :
dia_font_new_from_style(DIA_FONT_MONOSPACE | DIA_FONT_WEIGHT_NORMAL, 0.8);
at about 80 places ? Really ??
[And all this for the convenience in _one_ (questionable) use case: widget.c]
The hack in
dia_font_selector_set_styles is an easy way to sort and remove duplicates
for styles.  A few fixes, and it seems quite workable.  I'll commit after
I'm done compiling (and making dinner, I'm afraid:)

Is there any reason we shouldn't use the standard GtkFontSelector and 
integrate it into Dia like the GtkColorSelector ?

The main reason I see is that we can avoid a complex window popping up
every time we want to change font.

Having a 3 screen heights length menu is better useability ?
There is done quite some work in Gtk to have a useable and working
file selector, but if I wouldn't see my way as an improvement I 
wouldn't have done it that way ...

Best would be the idea to have a GtkFifoMenu, which keeps the last
n selected fonts as menu entries and pops up the 'complex window' 
from a 'details ...' menu entry.

If you still think the 3 foot menu is the better solution, could
you please adapt this idea to the color selection, too :-)

If the answer is no, I'm ready to apply the new version which works,
but needs some more graphical sugar (currently it only has a button 
with the font description, but it could even draw this in the 
respective font :-)

Drawing it with the respective font is a bad idea -- some fonts
(e.g. dingbats) aren't readable as font names.

It was just a thought instead of "Times New Roman Bold" one could
have _Times New Roman_, but you are right one could not read 
Dingbats in Dingbats (though one could probably recognize it) ...

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