Re: Getting rid of old home-grown FontSelector

At 21:27 24.06.02 -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:
On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Hmmm... not pretty either.  I for one lean towards allowing the user to
choose how many to see:  Just the sans, serif, etc, just the 'standard'
postscript fonts, just fonts that cover a certain range of chars, all
fonts... but that's an awful lot of choice to put on the user.

Whole heartly agreeing to the last sentence.

What about drawing the button only with the respective font, and if the
button is clicked, then drawing the menu with the regular font ?

In case of a dingbat font, the selected entry will give the name. Or
maybe we could interrogate the font for coverage of Roman script, and if
not,...  no, wrong idea. Dingbat fonts lie about their coverage map.

Look, much as this is a fascinating idea to ponder, we have enough other
things to fix right now.  We should be happy that it works and look at
other stuff that doesn't -- such as non-left alignment in zoom != 100%.

IMHO this just isn't a valid argument in an open source environment.
If there is someone who especially cares about the prettyness of
the font selector and comes up with a reasonable solution don't
try to stop him doing it.
Obviously for the project to survive there also need to be people who
care for real functionality ...

I for instance just noticed that the standard Text object ignored the
settings from its defaults dialog -- change it to use the stdprops dialog,
and it works just fine.

There are much more issues
- setting the cursor while editing text in the canvas ...
- all fonts displayed are about 30 % larger than with Dia 0.90 ->
  force rearranging of all old diagrams if it stays this way
- the font baseline placement has changed (try broken-files/fonts-0.0.dia)
- ...

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