Re: Cisco icons for Dia

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

I'm converting the icons to png to speed up the loading and save space.

This is a very big collection of shapes.  It makes me consider once more
to have some way to download shape collections easily.  This is an
additional megabyte worth of shapes (2 mb on a file system because it's
442 files).

i would draw your attention to
currently you cannot add new sheets using the Sheets and Objects dialog
i have no idea if it windows specific.

No, it happens whenever you create a new sheet and then apply or close
before you add any shapes to it.

abiword has plugin based around curl for downloading dictionary files
that might be adapted to download additional shapes collections.
(just one of the files.  Im sure one of the developer would explain if

Possibly.  Though I've tried to look at Abiword stuff before and could make
little head or tail of it.


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