About box (bug #85726) (was Re: Help out with Dia (was Re: Minor dia build error?))

OK, I'll give this one a try for starters: basically adding the
new-style Gnome HIG-compliant about dialog box, and reading the
AUTHORS file in rather than having them hard-coded in. I'll
write in a #ifdef GNOME as mentioned in the bug-report to check
for non-Gnome-builds, and leave in the old GTK code. Most
of the code is in the bug report anyway, but will check,
tidy up, and re-submit the patch as an attachment, which
appears not to have happened originally :)

OK, attached is a patch to resolve bug #85726 --- it uses the
new-style GNOME about dialog box when appropriate. The code is
mostly stolen from that bug report but I've made some changes
to robustify and tidy it. In particular, there is only one
hard-coded list of authors rather than two as in the bug
report. Bug #85726 can now be closed I think, but I plan to
file another one (which I will follow up on) to read in the
authors from the AUTHORS file.

I think the patch is properly formed but this is my first time
at doing this so please let me know if I've got it wrong. I've
added a Changelog entry and did:

cvs -z3 diff -N 2>/tmp/diff.log |gzip >/tmp/some.patch.gz

as per


If someone could try applying it (and close #85726 if it works
OK for them) I'd very grateful.


Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew junk new-destiny co uk
web:   http://www.new-destiny.co.uk/andrew/

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