Re: Dia Anon. CVS Updates?

Le Mon, Jun 24, 2002, à 10:21:06AM +0100, Andrew Ferrier a écrit:

Where is it rsynced from? Is it possible to access that via any
protocol? (guess not since presumably that requires a login but
just thought I'd check).

I have no idea. I am not even sure they use rsync, but it's likely they do.
You might try using the snapshots to get the updates, then
generate a patch against the same snapshot, then apply the
patch to the anoncvs tree once it eventually catches up...
Good point. That might work quite well. Assume your snapshots
are generated from primary CVS? (and presumably with cron
unless you get up at... erm.. let me see... about 5 in the
morning at the moment, French time, every morning, to do them

They're made from a cronjob which starts at 09:25 CEST (CET on winters).

The cronjob syncs its tree with the primary CVS (it's a tree distinct from
my development tree). It autogens, makes clean, tars a tarball, and builds a
diff from the previous tarball. Then, it makes update-po in po/, makes
core-translation-report, and throws away the whole po/ directory.
When it's done, it makes a diff between the previous day's ChangeLog and
today's, and replaces the previous day's ChangeLog with today's. This whole script
is also uploaded as "" in the same directory as the snapshots.

(there is a second tarball, translated-sheets-dia*.tar.gz, which is
primarily here to provide the translated set of .sheet files for distribution
on Win32. I don't know whether this is really used, but won't
complain for 232 kB...)

Finally, if the ChangeLog diff is not empty, the following actions take place:
        * the ChangeLog diff is sent to the list (Dia ChangeLog Daemon report)
        * the snapshot and tarballs are rsynced 
        * today's core-translation-report is archived in the translation
          reports directory
        * the translation report graphs are rebuilt 
        * they are rsynced.

If the ChangeLog diff is empty, nothing happens.

As a rule of thumb, fifteen minutes after the report has been posted to the list,
the new snapshot and tarball should be ready and waiting for downloads. If
you see the translation graphs include today, they are ready for sure.

        -- Cyrille


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