Re: Help out with Dia (was Re: Minor dia build error?)

On 2002-06-23 at 18:28 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

      * #85726 (whoops, just needs merging)
      ** Variation on the theme of #85726: load the AUTHORS
file to build the authors[] array (perhaps reformatting the
file to make it more suitable to machine processing).

OK, I'll give this one a try for starters: basically adding the
new-style Gnome HIG-compliant about dialog box, and reading the
AUTHORS file in rather than having them hard-coded in. I'll
write in a #ifdef GNOME as mentioned in the bug-report to check
for non-Gnome-builds, and leave in the old GTK code. Most
of the code is in the bug report anyway, but will check,
tidy up, and re-submit the patch as an attachment, which
appears not to have happened originally :)

Will probably take me a while because need to learn patching
etc. as well as just writing the code (and reading the Gnome
manuals)  but about box is definitely non-critical I think!

Don't think this should cause any clashes with anything else.
Does anyone think otherwise? Is anyone working on this?

Another quick question: the coding style is fairly obvious from
the source: is this a dia convention, a Gnome convention, an
author convention, or what?

Wish me luck. You'll have to forgive me if I post a few 'how do
I turn on my PC'-type questions but I'll try not to be too dim

Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew junk new-destiny co uk

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