Re: Dia Anon. CVS Updates?

Le Mon, Jun 24, 2002, à 09:31:48AM +0100, Andrew Ferrier a écrit:
I was having problems with updates from the anon. CVS server
yesterday, so took a look through dia-list archives, and saw
someone had mentioned something about mirroring for it taking a
long time. But I've been waiting for Cyrille's fix (below)
since about 16 BST yesterday, and it still hasn't arrived, with
a fresh checkout and build from CVS at about 8 BST this
morning. Is it really meant to be this slow? It's a right pain
in the ...erm... posterior.

I don't know exactly how much is it lagging behind the primary CVS. It is
very possible that there is only one rsync per day (conveniently somewhere
between 8 BST and 16 BST...)
Not really complaining already (honest!), but is there a way
around this problem? Another way I can access the server to get
updates that might be quicker? Would like to avoid using the
CVS snapshots as it will almost certainly screw up my sources.
Alternatively, are there any other mirrors etc?  Can't find any

You might try using the snapshots to get the updates, then generate a patch
against the same snapshot, then apply the patch to the anoncvs tree once it
eventually catches up... 

        -- Cyrille


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