Re: wysiwig TeX in dia

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
I can't (and don't) demand anything to anyone -- it just sprung unto me
that adding the specific knowledge of XML (in addition to plain text) to
diff/patch (and subsequently to cvs) may be a terrific feature
(especially since projects like GNOME are now constellated with bits of
XML everywhere), so I merely typed that for google's sake.  

As James mentioned, there is already an xmldiff program around.  How hard
would it be to mark a file for CVS as being an XML file and thus needing
xmldiff rather than normal diff?

Here's the CVS FAQ about this kind of thing:

It occurs to me that if you want to be really evil, you can trick CVS into
using some script instead of diff.  That script can the pick the right diff
based on whatever.


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