Re: wysiwig TeX in dia

Le Thu, Jun 20, 2002, à 02:06:25AM -0700, James Michael DuPont a écrit:

To be honest, I have not tried CVS on XML files.  I
mean not the DIFF. Do you mean for DIFFING the dia
output? Do you want to extend CVS proper or transform
the XML into a DIFF freindly output?

For the specific case of dia files into a CVS archive; been there, done
that. As far as CVS is concernet, these files could have been MS Word files,
it would have done no more good. I think it would be wonderful if cvs was
aware of the concept of XML files; if it was able to uncompress them on the
fly, so that an uncompressed file would be deemed identical to the same
file, compressed. 

Bringing the reasoning to its end, in fact it's the current diff/patch tool
which ought to know about XML files (and then use a suitable and humanly
readable (a.k.a "Torvalds-editable") representation of the difference
between two XML trees).

Fair enough. I think the right place is in LIBXML, to
add in some opaque in-memory pointer system and
callbacks.. I will look into that first. 

Good luck dealing with the libxml guys. But yes, I think the solution to
your feature request may be achieved more efficiently by breaking the
problem into using a database back-end for libxml on one hand, and
maintaining the associativity between the libxml tree and dia's diagram tree
on the other hand. The first part of the solution may very well prove itself
very useful to other projects.

        -- Cyrille


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